The Future of Education

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Margarida McMurry

Institution: Language Services Direct, FCDO, former UCL Assistant Lecturer

Country: United Kingdom

Margarida studied English and Portuguese languages and literature as an undergraduate at the New University of Lisbon, where she also proceeded to do a post-graduation in secondary school teaching for both subjects. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr Carlos Ceia, Margarida received her Master's Degree in Anglo-Portuguese studies, before moving to Norway, where she completed a PhD in English Literature, with the thesis "The role of assumptions in author-text-audience relationships: an analysis of the creative and reading processes in narrative fiction".
Since graduation, Margarida has taught in several contexts, including at the University of Birmingham, where she was responsible for designing the language Portuguese programme together with Dr. Emanuelle Santos. Margarida's investment in the field of education has led her to become a certified Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and more recently to pursue a Master's Degree in Education at the University of Hull, to further research into methodologies and theories of Education.

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