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Mariya Aleksieva

Institution: Burgas Free University

Country: Bulgaria

Mariya Stoyanova Aleksieva
Vice rector of Burgas Free University, teacher of pedagogy at BFU

Mariya Aleksieva, Ph.D. is a professor at Burgas Free University (BFU) and the Vice-Rector of the institution.

She graduated in Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy from BFU and began her academic career at the same university in 1999. During her two terms as Dean of the Center for Humanities and Program Coordinator of the Pedagogy Program Council, Prof. Aleksieva demonstrated a strong commitment to the development and modernization of educational practices.

Prof. Aleksieva is the head of the PhD program in Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy and the Department for Qualification, Requalification, and Acquisition of Professional-Qualification Degrees for pedagogical specialists at BFU. She has extensive experience and a wide range of expertise in the field of education, including the application of innovative methods, digitalization, gamification, organization, and management of the educational process.

As the Director of the Center for Distance Learning at BFU, Prof. Aleksieva leads efforts to integrate educational technologies into teaching and research. The center, established in 2014, is a key component of BFU's policy on educational innovation, focusing on the implementation of electronic and distance learning. It provides professional support to the academic and administrative staff in the development of electronic academic courses, aiming to improve academic results and student experience, promote effective teaching and learning, and introduce innovative teaching models. The Center for Distance Learning offers a rich assortment of e-learning courses and supports the processes of designing, developing, delivering, managing, and evaluating e-learning content at the university.

With over 20 years of experience as an expert, trainer, and researcher in both the private and public educational sectors, Prof. Aleksieva has participated in numerous national and international projects as a leader, key expert, researcher, and designer of digital educational resources. Her work includes developing content for electronic and distance learning and successfully managing educational projects under programs such as PHARE, Lifelong Learning, MATRA, European Funds, Erasmus+, and others.

Additionally, Prof. Aleksieva heads the Department for Qualification and Requalification at BFU, which organizes and coordinates courses, seminars, and certification programs conducted in blended or distance learning formats. The department supports the dissemination of knowledge in society and the adoption of lifelong learning principles through collaboration with national and international universities, institutions, and organizations.

Areas of expertise: educational theory and didactics, elementary school pedagogy, adult learning, family work, psychoprophylaxis of child development, STEM learning, educational organization and management, e- and distance learning.

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