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Silvia Toniato, H3AL (Italy)


H3 ACCELERATED LEARNING® is an holistic approach to cognitive abilities, learning and health created by Silvia Toniato (PhD) and applied by Silvia Toniato and Delbert Skeete since 2012.

H3AL has a specific protocol for language learning (which is starting to be used at university as well) for people of any age, profession and education.

Its results and main features should be mentioned before explaining how and why it works so effectively.


- in 20 hour course (no homework required) an average improvement in speaking and listening skills is as follows: from absolute beginners (A0/A1) to a good basic level (A2); from a basic level (A1/A2+) to an intermediate level (A2+/B2); from an intermediate level (B1/B2+) to an advanced level (B2+/C1); reading and writing skills follow the same pattern, with a little delay, from the 30th our lesson onward;

- students preparing IELTS progressed from A1+ level to a B2+/C1 level and passed their IELTS with a grade of 5.5 (B2+) and 6 (B2+/C1) all in 100 hour course (with very little homework).

Main features:

- lessons are dynamic and fun

- in each class there are two teachers: one native speaker of the students’ language and one native speaker of the language to be learned

- at least one teacher must have a solid background on history and philology of the two languages involved

- in each course there are no more than 4 participants

- neither mnemonics nor suggestology are involved

- there is no homework or textbooks

- there are no direct grammar teachings (to walk and run properly we don’t need to learn how our muscles work, this is a different skill)

- a short set of Bowen procedures is involved.

How did we learn our native language? Did our parents put their teaching cap on and give us classes? Fortunately not! Our body (yes we said ‘body’: our brain stores and elaborates information, but it’s our body that acquires it) learns in a completely different way. We understood how to engage it and we would be glad to share our view, method and results with other specialists in this field.

H3AL’s results and effectiveness can be explained by science.


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