Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 11

Scientific Committee

Members of the scientific committee of the "Innovation in Language Learning International Conference":

Dietmar Tatzl
Institution: FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences
Country: Austria
Areas of Expertise: English for specific purposes, english for academic purposes, engineering education, learner autonomy and content and language integrated learning
Christel Schneider
Institution: CSiTrain
Country: Germany
Areas of Expertise: International cooperation, networking, project management, project dissemination, evaluation processes, teacher training, teacher assessment, online training on different platforms and virtual teaching in 3D worlds, higher education, adult education, vocational training, languages for specific purposes, language teaching for people with special needs.
Roya Khoii
Institution: Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch
Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Areas of Expertise: Automated evaluation of written language, integration of social networks with web-based learning management systems for teaching foreign language skills, blended foreign language learning, use of multi-media in foreign language teaching and learning, teacher education, language testing, translation and interpretation of philosophy texts from Persian into English.
Nahid Zarei
Institution: IslamicAzad University-Maragheh Branch
Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Areas of Expertise: Corrective feedback, willingness to communicate, classroom strategies, formative assessment, discourse analysis.
Bushra Saadoon Mohammed Alnoori
Institution: Baghdad University
Country: Iraq
Areas of Expertise: English Teaching Methods; Reading and Writing Skills; Higher Education;
Alan Bruce
Institution: Universal Learning Systems
Country: Ireland
Areas of Expertise: Intercultural theory and practice, social inclusion, diversity management, migration, equality practice, human rights, conflict transformation, innovative pedagogies, e-learning, learning architecture, evaluation, research methodology and strategic planning.
Luisa Panichi
Institution: University of Pisa
Country: Italy
Areas of Expertise: Language teaching, computer mediated communication, virtual world platforms for education and training including science and business
Ida Cortoni
Institution: Sapienza University
Country: Italy
Areas of Expertise: Media Education, media and children, socialisation
Elisabetta Delle Donne
Institution: Pixel
Country: Italy
Areas of Expertise: Transnational cooperation, international project planning and management, assessment and evaluation, higher education, school education, adult education, vocational training, e-learning, language learning, languages for specific purposes.
Monica Barni
Institution: Università per Stranieri di Siena , Italy
Country: Italy
Areas of Expertise: Multilingualism, language policy, language learning and teaching; language testing; linguistic landscape.
Carmen Argondizzo
Institution: University of Calabria
Country: Italy
Areas of Expertise: Language teaching for academic purposes, project management, higher education, multilingualism, autonomous learning, humanistic language learning, languages for special purposes.
Silvia Minardi
Institution: Lend
Country: Italy
Areas of Expertise: Assessment in foreign language teaching, CLIL (content and language integrated learning), syllabus design.
Letizia Cinganotto
Institution: INDIRE
Country: Italy
Areas of Expertise: CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), language learning, CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning), TELL (Technology Enhanced Language Learning), MALL (Mobile Assisted Language Learning), MOOC, e-learning, blended learning, school education.
Olga Medvedeva
Institution: Institute of Foreign Languages, Vilnius University
Country: Lithuania
Areas of Expertise: Higher education, languages for specific purposes, applied linguistics, adult education, language teacher training, e-learning.
Mario Pace
Institution: University of Malta
Country: Malta
Areas of Expertise: Language teacher training, higher education, school education, language learning, languages for specific purposes, ePortfolios, reflective writings, language testing, foreign language acquisition, assessment.
Anca Colibaba
Institution: GR.T.Popa University / EuroED Foundation
Country: Romania
Areas of Expertise: Applied linguistics, ESP, CLIL, sciences of education, innovation in education, quality assurance in education, CLIL approaches to the communication patient-medical staff and bioethics
Stefan Colibaba
Institution: Al.I. Cuza University
Country: Romania
Areas of Expertise: CLIL approaches to teaching science subjects, Education Sciences, ESP, Curriculum development, Quality assurance in higher education
Tatiana Sidorenko
Institution: Tomsk Polytechnic University
Country: Russian Federation
Areas of Expertise: Language education in higher institutions, ESP, academic writing or language as a tool for scientific development, university management, system analysis in language education, electronic means in language education.
Maria Stepanova
Institution: Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Country: Russian Federation
Areas of Expertise: Higher education, foreign language learning and teaching, languages for specific purposes, business language, translation, education management, education programs and curriculums development.
Nataliya Belenkova
Institution: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
Country: Russian Federation
Areas of Expertise: Higher education, vocational training, e-learning, new approaches to teaching and learning languages for specific purposes, development of foreign language communicative competences, pedagogy and psychology of higher education, training translation skills.
Elena Gómez Parra
Institution: University of Córdoba
Country: Spain
Areas of Expertise: Plurilingual approaches to teaching, intercultural training of teachers and didactics of the second language.
Dönercan Dönük
Institution: Mersin University
Country: Turkey
Areas of Expertise: Quality of teacher education and training, linguistics and language teaching.
Diane Boothe
Institution: Boise State University
Country: United States
Areas of Expertise: English Language Learning, Gifted and Talented Education, and Middle Grades Education
David Rothman
Institution: Queensborough College: City University of New York (CUNY)
Country: United States
Areas of Expertise: Content and language integrated learning, language immersion, English for academic purposes, teacher training.

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