Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 17


All the participants at the end of Conference were asked to fill in the Conference Evaluation Form. Below you can find their comments.

Participant Comment
Brigham Young University
The balance between the smaller size and the variety of presentation was a strength of the event. I could meet new people and hear relevant presentations. I liked the way the schedule was organized, with each presentation given a specific time slot. The location: Florence is magical. The venue: the conference center was easy to find and was very convenient. Most importantly, I was able to meet colleagues from regions that normally are not represented at the professional conferences that I attend. This was a super networking opportunity.
University of Aveiro
The event was highly practical and I was able to take away example of good practice and points for reflection. I believe it is a very well organised conference, that is why I was anxious to return.
Nagoya University of Commerce and Business
Thank you for organizing the conference. The assistance was very prompt and helpful, and the program was well organized and very easy to follow. I look forward to next year's edition. The hybrid format was definitely a strength of this conference. Not all the participants from remote countries (such as Japan) are allowed or willing to attend an international conference in Europe in the middle of the semester, so being able to present online or post a virtual presentation was a hassle free, affordable option.
Aalto university
Great to have a conference about this theme - Innovation in Language learning - where almost all participants were language teachers in higher education. The sessions were really interesting, and the networking part was very rewarding.
Nnamdi Azikiwe University
The Conference for me was a huge success, an eye opener to much knowledge on language and culture [...] New methodologies were revealed, and I learned a lot. Generally, the conference remains one of the best conferences that I have attended online.
Babeș-Bolyai University
I had the opportunity to make a few valuable connections with fellow participants even if my participation was online. I loved how incredibly organised and well-thought out every aspect of the conference seemed to be. The organisers took great care in providing enough technical and guiding support to each conference attendee. I found particularly useful the reminders and extra details consistently being communicated to us via mail. It truly was the best organised conference I have ever attended. Very impressive!
National Taiwan Normal University
Moderators did a really good job and provide me with a fantastic experience as a presenter of the conference.
Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
I would like to thank the conference organizers for their kind assistance with ongoing issues. I liked the conference venue - it was close to to the main attractions of the city. I enjoyed the wide geographical spread of the conference participants, the high quality of the presentations, the variety and diversity of the research topics and repertoire, the friendly atmosphere and the fruitful discussions. Everything was at a high level.
Anadolu University
I really appreciated the general organisation of the event because even if I had a problem, it was solved immediately. I also enjoyed the social events proposed.
Mugla Sitki Kocman University
A friendly and multicultural atmosphere made this event great. I also found the management of the conference really professional
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
The aspect I liked the most about the conference was the excellent handling of the event. I also loved the friendly environment created during the meeting.
Islamic Azad University
Everything perfect. The quality of the papers presented had truly improved, compared to last year.
Al.I. Cuza University
Every year the conference improved the quality of its contents.
Oslo International School
Helpful, kind and supportive organizers. I appreciated the possibility to network with the other participants.
The Animation Workshop
Nice inspiring people and friendly atmosphere.
The Animation Workshop/VIA University
I really liked the quality of papers, organization, attention and equipment.
Colegio Cristo Rey Bogotá
This was an excellent knowledge space for all of us to learn and share experiences.
Rotterdam Unuversity of Applied Sciences
The Netherlands
The variety of subjects on technology and education was remarkable.
The speakers are experts and their topics have been analysed in a sharp way. The participants were all friendly and the quality of the papers just outstanding.
University of Malta
I liked the level of most of the presentations and the new contacts made.
E.J. and H.W.
The Kozminski University- Warsaw
Very professional organization of the conference. Excellent transfer of information between organizers and participants. Presentations were interesting and presented new contributions to language learning. We have attended many language conferences so far and must say this is one of the best we have seen; excellent organization, great organizers!!! Thank you all.
Mersin University
We had a very good time at the conference, and were well informed about the conference topics. The organization committee worked really well, and the arrangements were all very satisfactory. The way you guided us with the city tour and the conference dinners are among the nice things that we will always remember. The whole program was really good, and on the whole I can say, it was a well-planed conference.
Bundesarbeitskreis (BAK) Arbeit und Leben
Czech Republic
I think, some of the moderators, at least most of those I was listening to were competent, well prepared and very willing. I enjoyed being and mingling with the others and this part worked out perfectly.
Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis
There was excellent online preparation and communication. The conference had a very friendly atmosphere and it had efficient on-site logistical management. The session chairs were very efficient and able to create a pleasant atmosphere.
University of Warsaw
What I like more about the conference was the possibility to establish contacts and exchange ideas with others.
Het Perspective
Czech Republic
I liked a lot the possibility to get contacts and ideas for future cooperation. It was also a pleasure to join you thanks to the wonderful atmosphere
Adam Mickiewicz University
I value the practical examples of online teaching and e-learning. I really learned a lot while listening to my colleagues.
Auckland University of Technology
New Zeland
I liked meeting other academics with similar goals in regards to language teaching. I also like the location of the conference.
M. O.
Mersin University
The presentations were really inspiring. The lunch and dinner sessions were successful. Participants were all intellectuals and experts of their subjects.
The Open University in the North West
United Kingdom
There was plenty of food for thought. It was interesting to see so many innovative projects. The technical suport was excellent!
M. D.
University of Pardubice
Czech Republic
I liked a lot the possibility to get contacts and ideas for future cooperation. It was also a pleasure to join you thanks to the wonderful atmosphere
B. P.
HELMo - Haute Ecole Libre Mosane
I appreciated the very international atmosphere, the variety of topics and the very good organisation
A. M.
Bucharest University
This conference was a great experience for me and I liked the interaction with other participants and also their innovative ideas. Everything was very well-organized!
D. D. G.
Het Perspectief PCVO
What I liked the most about the conference is the great presentations and the interaction with other participants.
N. B.
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
I really liked the organization, the atmosphere and the hospitality of the organizers.
K. G.
Afûk Institute for the Frisian Language
The Netherlands
I appreciated the people coming together from all over the world to speak about this subject.
V. C.
State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies
Everything was excellently organised. I liked the speakers and their ideas.
M. S.
St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University
The organization was really great and the support before and during the conference was useful and very good.
T. A.
Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
I am very pleased about the conference because it had an excellent organization.
T. S.
National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University
Pixel assistants support was excellent
K. C.
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Great organization before and during the conference.
A. M.
Takachiho University
I liked to interact with other participants.
T. T.
Sør-Trøndelag University College
I have enjoyed the social interaction and interesting participants.
E. B.
Pontifical University of Santo Tomas
The organizers were really good and helpful.
A. D.
HEIG-VD, Yverdon University of Applied Sciences
This Conference had a perfect organisation.
T. M. T.
Sør-Trøndelag University College
I liked the possibility to know a lot of people.
C. O. K.
I think the European transnational approach, the workshop and the diversity were very positive. The conference was well organized.
M. P.
University of Malta
The quality of most of the presentations and the general atmosphere of the conference were really great.
B. V.
Stichting Expertisecentrum
The Netherlands
What I especially like about the conference was the conversations between with other participants.
L. P.
Hull University
United Kingdom
I enjoyed the workshop very much.
Brusov State University- Armenia
It is a great pleasure to participate in such a distinguished conference event every year.
Russian School Kalinka in Luxembourg
Dear staff and Elisabetta, I would like to thanks by heart all of you for this magic experience and for your good job! The staff is amazing and I received a lot of support.
Institute for Educational Sciences, Bucharesty
Dear all, Thank you for yet another opportunity to participate in a meaningful exchange. Congrats for very efficient organization.👍
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Thank you for your help and support during this process. The conference was a success, and it was a pleasure to present alongside everyone else's knowledge.
Islamic Azad University - North Tehran Branch
As usual, your team's ability in organizing the conference was superb. After a long time far from such activities, I really enjoyed the event. Thank you and all your colleagues for your great work.


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