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CLIL, Content and Language Integrated Learning
Title of Paper Name Institution
“Teachers or Learners?”: Swapping Roles in CLIL Classes to Improve Speaking Skills and Motivation. A Vertical Transversal Project. PDF

Francesca Ripamonti

University of Milan (Italy)

Analyzing Assessment of EMI Subjects from the Genre-Theory Perspective PDF

Guzman Mancho-Barés

University of Lleida (Spain)

CLIL Methodology in the 21st Century School PDF

Letizia Cinganotto

INDIRE (Italy)

Fausto Benedetti

INDIRE, Italy (Italy)

Daniela Cuccurullo

ITI Giordani Striano (Italy)

E-Twinning for CLIL: The Experience of an Italian Lower Secondary School PDF

Marianna Memè

Istituto Comprensivo di Corinaldo (Italy)

Stimulating VET Students’ Creativity and Motivation through Flipped and CLIL Experiences: The E-Classes Project PDF

Anca Colibaba

GR.T.Popa University / EuroED Foundation (Romania)

Stefan Colibaba

Al.I. Cuza University (Romania)

Cintia Colibaba

Ion Ionescu de la Brad University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Iași (Romania)

Irina Gheorghiu

Albert Ludwigs Freiburg University (Germany)

Ovidiu Ursa

Iuliu Haţieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj (Romania)

Sustainable E-CLIL: Adapting Texts And Designing Suitable Reading Material for CLIL Lessons Using Simple ICT Learning Aids PDF

Emma Abbate

Free-lance researcher (Italy)

The Role of Texts as Resources for Learning in Science PDF

Anna Lyngfelt

University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

E-learning Solutions for Language Teaching and Learning
Title of Paper Name Institution
Business English: Introducing Learning Apps into a Blended Learning Course PDF

Regina Brautlacht

Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

Course Development, Assessment, the Flipped Classroom, and Noodles: The Highs and Lows of an On-Line Classroom through the Medium of Noodles PDF

Christine M. Ristaino

Emory University (United States)

Hong Li

Emory University (United States)

Distance Learning Environment PDF

Anna R. Bekeeva

RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Elena A. Notina

RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Irina A. Bykova

RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Valentina Uliumdzhieva

RUDN University (Russian Federation)

E-Learning and Students’ Motivation: A Research Study on the Effect of E-Learning on Language Teaching and Learning PDF

Maria Tsourela

Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia (Greece)

Dimitris Paschaloudis

Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia (Greece)

Vaya Barba

Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia (Greece)

Empowering Self-Learning Using Online Resources: A Case Study of the Development of Thai Students’ English Listening Skills PDF

Phatcharasorn Noipann

Silpakorn University (Thailand)

Enhancing First-Year Arts Students’ English Vocabulary Ability with Online Learning Media PDF

Jantira Koedkham

Silpakorn University (Thailand)

From Onsite to Online EMI Support PDF

Sophie Swerts Knudsen

University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

Lars Klingenberg

University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

Integrating Usage-Based Theory of Language Acquisition with On-Line Foreign Language Learning PDF

Serafima Gettys

Lewis University (United States)

Lifeng Hu

Lewis University (United States)

Rocio Rodriguez

Lewis University (United States)

Online Environment in Language Skills Development PDF

Zuzana Strakova

University of Presov (Slovakia)

Personalized Learning, Self-Directed Learning, ICT and Student Motivation PDF

Anches Holzweber

Fachhochschule Burgenland GmbH (Austria)

Preparing Students for Online Language Learning PDF

Krista Chambless

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (United States)

VISIAGORA by CLL Language Centres: An Innovative Distance Learning Experience and Pedagogical Approach in a Virtual Classroom PDF

Sébastien Pabst

CLL Language Centres (Belgium)

ICT Based Language Teaching and Learning Approaches
Title of Paper Name Institution
A Case Study of a Kurdish University Teacher's Perceptions on the Use of ICT in EFL Classrooms PDF

Barzan Hadi Hama Karim

University of Halabja (Iraq)

A New Moodle-Based Learning Environment for Italian as a Second Language PDF

Chiara Arzilli

Consorzio ICoN (Italy)

Elisa Bianchi

Consorzio ICoN (Italy)

Marco Infortugno

Consorzio ICoN (Italy)

Application of the Web Quest Technology in the Organization of the Independent Work of Students in the Process of Studying Disciplines PDF

Veronika Katermina

Kuban State University (Russian Federation)

Elena Zhestkova

Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod (Russian Federation)

Are IWBs worth in EFL? PDF

Michaela Sepešiová

University of Prešov (Slovakia)

Assessing Speaking Skills in Online University Courses: the Case of English for Tourism PDF

M. Victoria Domínguez-Rodríguez

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)

Attitudes towards Digital Game-Based Learning of Chinese Primary School English Teachers PDF

Sihan Zhou

University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

Chengxin Li

University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

Nicola Galloway

University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

Ruby Rennie

University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

Blended Language Learning in Higher Education: Students’ and Tutors’ Perceptions and Experiences PDF

Alice Gruber

University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn (Germany)

Confucian Teaching Re-Examined in Foreign Language Teaching Settings and Transformative Learning PDF

Hanwei Tan

Defence Language Institute (United States)

Digital Foreign Language Learning in the "Intercultura" Lab PDF

Giampiero Finocchiaro

I.C. Laura Lanza Baronessa di Carini - Ufficio Scolastico Consolato Generale d'Italia di Buenos Aires (Italy)

Emanuela Leto

I.C. Laura Lanza Baronessa di Carini (Italy)

Digital Game-Based Language Learning in 3D Immersive Environments: The GUINEVERE Project PDF

Thomas Michael

University of Central Lancashire (United Kingdom)

Silvia Benini

University of Central Lancashire (United Kingdom)

Christel Schneider

University of Central Lancashire (United Kingdom)

Carol Ann Rainbow

University of Central Lancashire (United Kingdom)

Tuncer Can

University of Istanbul (Turkey)

Irfan Simsek

University of Istanbul (Turkey)

Sezer Koser Biber

University of Istanbul (Turkey)

Heike Philp

Lets Talk Online SPRL (Belgium)

Nick Zwart

3DLS (The Netherlands)

Barbara Turchetta

IUL (Italy)

Fausto Benedetti

INDIRE (Italy)

Patrizia Garista

INDIRE (Italy)

Letizia Cinganotto

INDIRE (Italy)

Educational Technology for New Learning Methods and their Impact on Children's Language and Intercultural Competencies PDF

Sigrun Corinna Peil

University of Minho (Portugal)

Effects of Academic Self-Efficacy on Academic Achievement of Online Foreign Language Learning: A Preliminary Cross-Sectional Study in Japanese Higher Education Environment PDF

Satoru Yokoyama

Chiba Institute of Science (Japan)

Effects of Equal and Expanding Spacing Techniques on EFL Learners’ Immediate and Delayed Vocabulary Retrieval PDF

Roya Khoii

Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

Elham Sasani Nejad

Islamic Azad University, North-Tehran Branch (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

Najla Safaee

Islamic Azad University, North-Tehran Branch (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

Saleh Ghodrati

Islamic Azad University, North-Tehran Branch (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

Maryam Parki

Islamic Azad University, North-Tehran Branch (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

EFL College Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions of the Nature and Causes of Plagiarism PDF

Roya Khoii

Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

Mahsa Atefi

Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

Implementing a Teacher Training Program Supported by ICT PDF

Ana Guadalupe Torres Hernández

Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)

Alejandro Vera Pedroza

Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)

Susana Anabel Guillen Ramírez

Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)

Juana Elena Guzmán Valdez

Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)

In Italia con Giacomo: Developing a Blended Learning Course in Italian Language and Culture PDF

Gabriella Brussino

University of Auckland (New Zealand)

Language Learner Attitudes towards Technology and their Preferences for Learning Tools/Devices at Two Universities in the UAE PDF

Matthew Andrew

Khalifa University (United Arab Emirates)

Aimee Grange

Zayed University (United Arab Emirates)

LinguApp: Bridging the Language Gap PDF

Elena Gómez Parra

University of Córdoba (Spain)

New Media in and beyond the University Classroom: Opportunities through Change PDF

Ruth Trinder

Vienna University of Business and Economics (Austria)

Katia Carraro

University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

Promoting Active Lessons and Independent Work through Flipped Learning PDF

Diana Carolina Durán Bautista

Universidad de La Sabana (Colombia)

Real World Tasks PDF

Maria Loglio

Language Teacher Consultant (Switzerland)

Petra Pfeifhofer

Language Teacher Consultant (Switzerland)

Speaking for Yourself: How to Support Students in Autonomous Speaking PDF

Jan Strybol

Het Perspectief PCVO (Belgium)

Vanessa Verschelden

Het Perspectief PCVO (Belgium)

Supporting Dyslexic Students through ICT Tools in Foreign Language Learning PDF

Emanuela Leto

I C Laura Lanza Baronessa di Carini (Italy)

The Adaptive Approach: Best Practices in Teaching L2s at Elementary Levels PDF

Enrique Porrua

University of North Carolina at Pembroke (United States)

The Effect of Electronic Teaching Techniques on the Media and Mass Communication Students & Teachers PDF

Maytham Falih Hussein

Al-Imam Al-Kadhim University College for Islamic Sciences (Iraq)

Ali Youdah Salman

Al-Imam Al-Kadhim University College for Islamic Sciences (Iraq)

Layth Neama Moosa

Al-Imam Al-Kadhim University College for Islamic Sciences (Iraq)

The Role of the Virtual Museum in the Foreign Language Teaching. A Case Study of Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language in the University Setting PDF

Ioanna Tyrou

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece)

George Mikros

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece)

Language for Specific Purposes
Title of Paper Name Institution
Academic Reading or Translation: What Do we Teach? PDF

Nebojša Radić

University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

An Analysis on ESP Students` Preposition Errors (The Case of Legal Translation) PDF

Karine Chiknaverova

MGIMO University (Odintsovo), Professor at the English Language Department (Russian Federation)

LSP or CLIL in Tertiary Education: Different Perspectives on the Choice PDF

Olga Medvedeva

Institute of Foreign Languages - Vilnius University (Lithuania)

Tatiana Sidorenko

Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russian Federation)

The Main Criteria of Constructing Task-Based Reading Activities For ESP Learners PDF

Naira Poghosyan

National University of Architecture and Construction (Armenia)

The Role of English for Specific Purposes in an Aeronautical Design Contest PDF

Dietmar Tatzl

FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences (Austria)

Language Learning to Support International Mobility
Title of Paper Name Institution
A Language Exchange Tool for Internationalization: Tandem Experience at METU PDF

Yeliz Akel

Middle East Technical University (Turkey)

The Migration Experience and the Informal Language Learning of Refugees PDF

Rosella Bianco

University of Granada (Spain)

Mónica Ortiz-Cobo

University of Granada (Spain)

Language Teacher Training
Title of Paper Name Institution
"I Keep Returning to It, so Something Must Be Happening": Swedish Foreign Language Teacher Students' Conceptions of ICT and Digital Tools in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning PDF

Tore Nilsson

Stockholm University (Sweden)

A Critical Look at Language Teacher Practices Using the KARDS Model: Meeting the Postmethod Condition PDF

Angela C. Bailey

Universidad del Norte (Colombia)

Indira Niebles Thevening

Universidad del Norte (Colombia)

Nayibe Rosado Mendinueta

Universidad del Norte (Colombia)

E-Learning in Higher Education (Forced to Use Do we Use its Force?) PDF

Ivana Cimermanova

University of Presov (Slovakia)

Minimizing Resistence to Feedback through Video Recorded Observations PDF

Aynur Yürekli

İzmir University of Economics (Turkey)

Reflecting on Electronic Portfolio Experience: A Comparative Analysis of Perceptions of English Language Teacher Trainees in the Slovak Republic and Great Britain PDF

Zuzana Lukáčová

University of Presov (Slovakia)

The MA Program on Language Education and Technology: A Global Endeavour PDF

George S. Ypsilandis

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

The Role of Authentic Children’s Literature in Primary EFL Teacher Training PDF

Licia Masoni

University of Bologna (Italy)

The Transformative Language Teacher Training PDF

Brunella Bigi

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (United States)

Training and Mentoring Novice Instructors at the University Level PDF

Josefa Conde de Lindquist

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (United States)

Monitoring and Evaluation of Language Teaching and Learning
Title of Paper Name Institution
An Ensemble Classifier for Error Detection and Recommendation in the Use of Articles by Learners of English PDF

Kiruthikaa Krishnamoorthy

National University of Ireland, Galway (Ireland)

Thomas Gaillat

Insight Centre for Data Analytics NUI Galway (Ireland)

How Long Does it Take to Learn English? PDF

Simon Buckland

Researcher (United Kingdom)

Bindi Clements

Wall Street English (Spain)

Open Educational Resources in Enhancing Thai University Students’ English Language Learning PDF

Budsaba Kanoksilapatham

Silpakorn University (Thailand)

Self-Assessment Descriptors for Second Language PDF

Kateřina Šormová

Charles University (Czech Republic)

The Electronic Writing Assessment Tool as a Means to Enhance Students’ Writing Skills in English as a Foreign Language PDF

Yunier Perez Sarduy

Shantou University (China)

Yanqi Luo

Shantou University (China)

The Impact of Assessment on the Learning of English as a Foreign Language: A Case Study PDF

Yanqi Luo

Shantou University (China)

Yunier Perez Sarduy

Shantou University (China)

The Paradox of Harmonizing Teaching and Research in a Research-Dominated System of Education PDF

Kobra Derakhshan

Islamic Azad University, Department of English Language and Literature, at Central Tehran Branch (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

The significance of Task-Based Instruction in the Improvement of Learners’ Speaking Skills PDF

Bushra Saadoon Mohammed Alnoori

Baghdad University (Iraq)

Azhar Hassan Sallomi

Karbala University (Iraq)

Title of Paper Name Institution
Being a Bilingual “National” Poet: The Case of Dionysios Solomos / Dionisio Salamon PDF

Afroditi Athanasopoulou

University of Cyprus (Cyprus)

Language and Translation: Interdisciplinary Effort and Synergetic Effect PDF

Elena A. Notina

RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Irina A. Bykova

RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Nebojša Radić

University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Lingua Franca in/beyond E-Learning: Future of Multilingualism PDF

On-Kwok Lai

Kwansei Gakuin University (Japan)

Linguistic and Cultural Identity of the University Students PDF

Nataliya Belenkova

RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Mediated Discourse Dynamics: Semiotic Potential and Cognitive Space Generation within Cross-Cultural Cross-Linguistic Communication PDF

Irina A. Bykova

RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Elena A. Notina

RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Nebojša Radić

University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Migrant Crisis and Language Education. The Case of Serbia PDF

Julijana Vučo

University of Belgrade (Serbia)

Multilingualism in New Zealand PDF

Elena A. Notina

RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Anna R. Bekeeva

RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Irina A. Bykova

RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Valentina Uliumdzhieva

RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Obstacles in Multilingual/Translingual Approaches to Teaching Writing at a "Monolingual" American University PDF

Thomas Walker

University of Washington (United States)

Ahmad A. Alharthi

University of Washington (United States)

Teachers’ Use of Code-Switching in Foreign Language Classroom PDF

Alaa Alshaikh Sulaiman

Edinburgh University (United Kingdom)

Quality and Innovation in Language Teaching and Learning
Title of Paper Name Institution
”School” Box Office aka ”SBO”: Pretext and Context for English Learning in Grade 5 PDF

Ligia Sarivan

Institute for Educational Sciences (Romania)

Alina Crina Terinte

Sanduleni School (Romania)

Anghel Cerassela

Nicolae Iorga School (Romania)

A Discourse Analysis Study of Comic Words in the American and British Sitcoms PDF

Bushra Ni’ma Rashid

College of Education Ibn Rushd for Human Sciences - Baghdad University (Iraq)

Applying the Method of Design Thinking in Teaching ESP in the Context of Creative Tourism PDF

Zuzana Sándorová

Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (Slovakia)

Creating a Flexible System for the Explicit Teaching of Academic and Technical Vocabulary PDF

Theodore Burkett

Khalifa University (United Arab Emirates)

Digital Storytelling in Education and Second Language Acquisition: The State of the Art PDF

Annalisa Raffone

“L’Orientale” University of Naples (Italy)

Educating the Language Learner as a Cultural Mediator in the English Classroom PDF

Victoria Safonova

Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russian Federation)

Good Practise Blended Learning & Flipping the Classroom in Foreign Language Education PDF

Scarlet Coopman

Arteveldehogeschool (Belgium)

Innovative Language Learning through Thematic Learning Modules and the Incorporation of ICT PDF

Diane Boothe

Boise State University (United States)

Craig Marcus

Oregon State University (United States)

Melissa Caspary

Georgia Gwinnett College (United States)

Language across the Curriculum: Building a Learning Community PDF

Liselott Forsman

Åbo Akademi University (Finland)

Learning Novel Names Extension by Comparison: What Research Tells us? PDF

Jean-Pierre Thibaut

University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté (France)

Multiple Intelligences – Addressing Diverse Learners in an ESL Classroom PDF

Rana Khan Mohammed Ishaque

Algonquin College (Kuwait)

Realization of Project - Based Language Learning at the Context of Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences PDF

Susanna Asatryan

Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences (Armenia)

Recreating a Sociohistorical Perspective on Shunko by Reading his Story (Ábalos, 1949) and Watching "The Progress" (Murúa, 1960): An Introduction to Decoloniality PDF

Ana Fernandez

University of Ottawa (Canada)

Second Language Writers Create Digital Portfolios with Voice-Over Technology PDF

David Rothman

Queensborough College: City University of New York (CUNY) (United States)

Short-Term Study Abroad and Language Implications in Context PDF

Alan Garfield

University of Dubuque (United States)

Speed-Marking: A Case Study PDF

John Blake

University of Aizu (Japan)

Teaching Adults a Foreign Language with Language Resources for Babies PDF

Sibel Boray Elliot

Complutense University of Madrid (Spain)

Teaching Communicative Strategies to ESP Students PDF

Alexey A. Tymbay

MGIMO University, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (Russian Federation)

The Challenges Encountered by Iraqi students in Learning the Italian language and Creating a New Methodology in their Learning PDF

Azhar Al Khattab

University of Baghdad (Iraq)

The Effect of Tablets on the Acquisition of Semantic Relationships within the Community of Lexical Inquiry PDF

Constance Lavoie

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (Canada)

Martine Pellerin

Université de l’Alberta, Campus St-Jean (Canada)

The Realization of Metrical Phonology in Blake's The Lamb PDF

Rasim T. Jehjooh

University College for Islamic Sciences (Iraq)

The Role of Employing Robin's Strategy (SQ3R) on EFL Iraqi University Students Performance in Reading Comprehension PDF

Nagham Qadoori Yahya

Education College for Humanities - Tikrit University (Iraq)

Studies in Second Language Acquisition
Title of Paper Name Institution
Attention and Fluency of L2 Learners in Task-Based Reading: An Examination Using Eye-Tracking PDF

Andrew Atkins

Kindai University (Japan)

Conjunctions in the English Essay Writing of Spanish EFL Learners PDF

Ana Cristina Lahuerta Martínez

University of Oviedo (Spain)

Factors Affecting Learner’s Task Engagement in a Task-Based Course PDF

Xuefeng Su

Shantou University (China)

L1 Interference Related Errors in Czech Advanced Students of English PDF

Simona Kalová

Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

Online Comic Creator for EFL Writing: An Effective Tool for Collaborative Learning PDF

Takako Yasuta

University of Aizu (Japan)

Self-Determination Theory and the Growth of Self-Efficacy in the Oral English Classroom PDF

Paul Leeming

Kindai University (Japan)

The Development of Language Competencies and Research Culture of Students through Research Work PDF

Hamest Tamrazyan

Dragomanov National Pedagogical University (Ukraine)

The Effect of Using Question Based Discussion Technique on Students Achievement in English Novel PDF

Zaid Ahmed Abed

Tikrit University (Iraq)

The Role of EFL Textbooks in Improving Intercultural Competence PDF

Nahid Zarei

Islamic Azad University-Maragheh Branch (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

Toward Computer Evaluation System through English Education at Public Elementary Schools in Japan PDF

Kayoko Fukuchi

Kobe Kaisei College (Japan)

Naoshi Kanazawa

National Institute of Technology, Nara College (Japan)

The Common European Framework of Reference
Title of Paper Name Institution
International Cooperation for the Promotion of Multilingualism PDF

Elisabetta Delle Donne

Pixel (Italy)

The Usefulness of the CEFR In the Investigation of Test Versions Content Equivalence PDF

Martina Hulešová

Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

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