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Perspectives of integrating the Digital Dedicated Language Laboratory in Foreign Language Pedagogy, Reality or Chimera: the Case of Souk-Ahras University, Algeria

Nacereddine Benabdallah, Mohamed Cherif Messaadia Universtiy (Algeria)


Technology never stops evolving and transforming our world. All people are talking about a revolution in technology that is constantly changing the way they live, they work, they communicate and the way they learn. Information and Communications Technologies have been permeating all aspects of people’s lives; a fact that prompts, day after day, governments, decision makers, politicians, academicians, philosophers, researchers, and teachers to discuss their profile, hold them in high esteem and sometimes even weigh up the benefits as well as the harms. A school or a university should reflect the way students live in their real world.


Traditionally, research has subscribed to the belief that a language laboratory is useful when the teacher knows how to use it skillfully. Such competence and craftsmanship must not be swamped and disrupted by fear, reluctance, or ignorance. It is true that some teachers and school authorities are disinclined to give it a try because, rightly or wrongly, they think that it will not work. Yet, two teachers who stand in awe of the new teaching experience can have totally different considerations when using and exploiting the same materials. The question concerns the way these aids are used.


Full implementation of digital laboratories in teaching and learning a foreign language depends very tightly upon a certain number of determining factors among which the educational policy of the higher authorities (government), the institutional vision (school /university), individual teachers’ philosophy and practice in adopting and adapting this new environment, and learners’ ability, and motivation.

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