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Edition 12

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Edmodo as a motivation and inclusion tool in the foreign language classroom

Dolores Gómez, EOI Santiago de Compostela (Spain)


Adults nowadays are expected to create their own learning path, find Personal Learning Networks, collaborate with others and be digitally literate. Learning a foreign language is part of the array of stimulating lifelong learning experiences that adults have at their disposal, and many men and women feel the need to start or improve their foreign language proficiency. 

In order for adults to compromise with their learning, their unique characteristics need to be understood.  Adults bring to the classroom their previous knowledge and experiences, interests and skills. They also bring their lifestyle. It is not uncommon to have adults google any question they might have instead of asking a teacher or a classmate. Language classrooms need to reflect their reality and make use of instruments that enhance the learning experience for both teachers and students. 

One very useful tool that can be used as a bridge between real and classroom life is Edmodo. Its interface looks like a social network but in fact this is an educational social network.  It requires an internet connection and a code provided by the owner of the group, usually a teacher. As far as a student has an email address, he or she will enter a space which will let them feel 


  1. included: all members of the group can post, upload and receive content. The shiest students feel protected behind a computer and the most outgoing have a forum where they can put their feelings into words. 
  2. motivated: members of the group can interact in one single space, receive badges and participate in discussions. 
  3. meaningful: students are allowed to be part of a community in which they can decide on group decisions
  4. competent: assessment is continuous by means of easy-to-assemble tests.


Edmodo has proved to be an excellent tool to communicate with students but also a way to make technology part of our teaching/learning experience. It has also served as a leveraging tool for groups where there were different economic, educational backgrounds because you just need a phone and the human need to connect and communicate their needs and desires.

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