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Kahoot!: Blending Apps and Web 2.0 to Increase Students’ Motivation and Improve their Communication Competences

Ionuț Căpeneață, Transilvania University (Romania)


This paper tries to analyse the way in which mobile applications (aka apps) can improve the students’ communication competences and increase their motivation. The research started from the question “What can we do to motivate the ”Homo Zappiens” students and make their learning meaningful?”, and we came up to the idea that integrating an app – Kahoot! in the French class can improve their communication competences and raise their motivation. The target group of this research consists of 31 students, in grade 11, 19 girls and 12 boys, from the I.L. Caragiale National College from Moreni, Romania, with poor competences in French – mostly A1, and low motivation. The research was conducted throughout the 2016-2017 school year, and as of now the results have been good.  When applying observation grids, we noticed that the students’ motivation and involvement increased, and, as the progress tests show, their communication competences improved, managing to reach the A2+ level. There is also the case of three students who volunteered to turn on the mobile hotspot on their mobile phone for their classmates, so that everybody can have fun. We also noticed a change in the way in which students perceive now the French class. During an interview, most of the students stated that they discovered that French can be funny.

Keywords: Apps, motivation, French teaching, Kahoot!, fun

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