Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 11

Accepted Abstracts

Investigating CALL Teachers’ Contextualized Views of their Evolving Roles

Mohsen Hedayati, University of Tasmania (Australia)

Bronwyn Reynolds, University of Tasmania (Australia)

Andy Bown, University of Tasmania (Australia)


Language teachers play a central role in fostering the successful integration of technology into second/foreign language teaching (Arnold & Ducate, 2015). This qualitative study investigated how English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in-service teachers in private language schools define and understand their role expectations in Computer-assisted Language Learning (CALL); and how these definitions affect their teaching practices. Informed by Biddle’s (2013) role theory, the aim was to ascertain the mutual expectations of EFL teachers and learners concerning the selection and use of Digital Learning Materials (DLMs) in foreign language teaching/learning settings. Eight Iranian EFL teachers and four EFL learners participated in this study. Open-ended interviews and semi-structured classroom observations formed the data collection. Participants reported minor role changes for the teachers, due to limited and irregular use of CALL in the Iranian private language schools. The results of the thematic analysis and axial coding indicate that there is a mismatch between teachers’ and learners’ definitions and expectations of the roles of teachers in CALL. With regard to technological literacy, teachers have relatively high expectations of themselves as a CALL teacher. This role conflict has seemingly caused teachers to be reluctant to use DLMs. These findings provide us with more realistic and practical insights for the integration of technology into foreign language teaching. The paper concludes with implications for CALL teacher education. 




CALL teacher education; computer-assisted language learning; role theory; digital learning materials


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