Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 11

Accepted Abstracts

Interweaving Digital and Linguistic Skills in Task Designs

Marvin Wacnag Lidawan, Royal Commission of Jubail’s English Language Institute-JTI Campus (Saudi Arabia)

Ramon Gorospe Victore, Shaqra University, Ministry of Higher Education (Saudi Arabia)


Teachers’ innovation need not to extend into complex forms of developing  technologies to be able to realize effective contemporary learning, for even simple technological materials or tools can equally represent the integration of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) when they are taken seriously in a well-organized learning interplay to achieve linguistic and digital skills goals.  With an appropriate chosen modern-day material as a springboard, a teacher can formulate instructional designs facilitated by current technological tools existing around learners’ real world. To be able to attain these two major target knowledge, application of this creative  approach  anchors to  digital taxonomy  wherein  intertwined designed tasks are guided by order thinking skills- remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating  with corresponding  level objectives to signify specific subskills in ascending orders to indicate learners’ performance levels at the end of the process. A single celluloid input, from where significant interwoven tasks elements are derived, will be employed. Furthermore, this paper presentation emphasizes on some salient points such as the observance of appropriate criteria towards the choice of an instructional input, materials’ digital and linguistic features, components of instructional designs, language skills’ integration, role of digital taxonomy through order thinking skills with level objectives to enhance cognitive and psychomotor development of learners powered by technological instruments, and tasks’ outputs that demonstrate the presence of linguistic and digital abilities. A paradigm will be presented to show a holistic relationship of these cited variables.



Innovative tasks, technological instructions, digital taxonomy 


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