Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 11

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Employing ICT to promote Collaborative Learning and Creativity

Marwen Jemili, Wall Street English Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia)

Sultan Alanazi, Ibn Al Beitar High School (Saudi Arabia)


The implementation of ICT in education has diverse advantages ranging from boosting learners’ independence to developing their creativity. However, some  opponents argue that the incorporation of ICT in classrooms hinders learners’ creativity and collaboration with their peers. To some extent, this might be happen. If ICT is not well implemented, collaborative learning and creativity can be put at risk.


            Collaborative learning and creativity are essentials in classrooms in general but especially in language classrooms. The perks of using ICT in classroom include giving students an opportunity to enjoy a personalized learning experience (in some cases students can work individually) and giving students the possibility of receiving immediate feedback. On the other hand, collaborative learning which is one of the cornerstones in language classrooms has many advantages: it develops students’ critical thinking, it builds students’ self-esteem, it promotes diversity and understanding, it strengthens interpersonal relationships etc. The problem that poses itself here is the difficulty of implementing ICT which is based on individualization and independence while planning to incorporate collaboration and creativity at the same time. This dilemma can urge teachers to give up implementing ICT for collaborative learning or vice versa.

            To avoid this quandary, this presentation will explain how to implement ICT and collaborative learning at the same time. There are various ways to perform this task depending on the level of students and their personal preferences. We will demonstrate how teachers can use popular websites like youtube, wordpress, and Medium. Such websites can be used to increase students’ satisfaction with the learning experience and to establish an environment of cooperation. The tips that will be presented can be used for instruction as well as a means for assessment.


ICT, Collaborative learning, Creativity, Teaching, and Learning.


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