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Collaboration Skills Development In A Foreign Language Lesson By Means Of Web Applications

Iryna Piniuta, Baranovichi State University (Belarus)


The article is devoted to the consideration of the web applications which are used to develop students’ collaboration skills in the process of foreign language teaching. The role and peculiarities of this type of skills are singled out. Pedagogical conditions necessary for information and communication technologies employment to teach collaboration skills are specified. By means of modelling a foreign language lesson, a set of web tools is suggested to use at the phases of warming up, setting the goals, presentation, practice, production, assessment and reflection. The article illustrates the ways to develop the collaboration skills in the context of the task based approach by means of such web applications as Padlet, Toondoo, Voki, Glogster, Wordle, Kahoot, Blabber, etc. The tasks reflect the situations that are used to organize speaking and writing activities in the classroom and as a home assignment. The role of a foreign language teacher as facilitator and guide, mediator, researcher, designer of learning scenarios, collaborator, orchestrator, evaluator and self-evaluator is considered. It is suggested to use the results of the study in intercultural training of pre-service specialists and postgraduate students in education.



Collaboration skills, web applications


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