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Testing Goes Mobile – Web 2.0 Formative Assessment Tools

Beata Bury, Philological School of Higher Education (Poland)


Formative assessment is not a new concept but it has been made much easier and accessible by technology. By means of formative assessment, educators can collect information on students’ understanding, learning needs and progress in a subject. Formative assessment contributes to learning by providing the teacher with feedback on how successful the teaching method is and how well the students understand a particular topic.

The aim of this study is to investigate and assess the pedagogical impact of some Web 2.0 assessment tools, namely Kahoot! and Quiziz. This study compares two web-based assessment tools to a traditional non-gamified student response system and the usage of paper forms for formative assessment. The experiment aimed at investigating whether Web 2.0 formative assessment tools boost student’s motivation and engagement. Pre- and post-test were used to assess the learning outcome, and a questionnaire was carried out to gather data on students’ learning motivation and performance. The results of the experiment show improvement in motivation and engagement related to the use of Web 2.0 assessment tools. Students were more negative towards the use of paper forms for formative assessment.



Web 2.0; formative assessment; student response system; 


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