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Using Video Clips in Language Classrooms

Mustafa Gultekin, Anadolu University (Turkey)


This article aims to look at using songs and video clips in the English language classroom. For this purpose, a special course design is planned and the students work in small groups to analyze the video clips from different perspectives. The study aims to create a new context for students to practice their English and at the same time to develop their ability to think critically by exploring and analyzing how video clips are constructed. The article shows that using video clips in classrooms can be very useful in two main ways. First of all, students can learn how video clips are analyzed. Secondly, they can improve their English in a new context through listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Because video clips are a good way of bringing the outside world into the classroom, they motivate the students and encourage them to use the language in a more meaningful way. The students work together and motivate each other to use the target language. Moreover, students retain more information and understand the culture of the language by using video clips in the classroom. Therefore, using video clips in language classrooms can have positive effects on students’ using the target language and understanding the culture of that language.


Key words: video clips, language classroom, English

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