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Edition 11

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S.M.I.L.E. Teacher Training Platform

Mariella Brunazzi, IIS P. Sraffa (Italy)

Elena Fusar Poli, I.I.S. P. Sraffa (Italy)

Maria Angela Cerri, I.I.S. P. Sraffa (Italy)

Anna Papapicco, Convitto D. Cirillo (Italy)

Antonio Settimio Romei, Convitto D. Cirillo (Italy)


Slow down, Move your body, Improve your diet, Learn for life and Enjoy school time (S.M.I.L.E.) is an Erasmus+ project designed with the aim of helping reduce the percentage of early school leavers in secondary schools in Europe and at the same time of stimulating the acquisition of adequate knowledge, skills and competences in order to cope with the requirements of a knowledge-based society.

One of the Intellectual Outputs is the platform “S.M.I.L.E. for teachers’ training” which provides teachers with a view on different approaches to training and the role of observation and feedback. To correspond to every student’s needs, a guided-divergent approach has been suggested.

The course is in English.

Training objectives

The training platform will help teachers

- develop their  awareness of a range of approaches to teaching
- create CLIL and student-centred materials relevant to their own context
- consider issues in evaluating teaching and the effectiveness of training
- share professional practice with other educators.

Training Content

The platform concisely presents the following teaching approaches:

The Educational Value of Sport
CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning
PBL – Project-Based Learning
Flipped Classroom
Action Research
Social media in education

combined with hints on

Healthy Diet and Physical Activity to improve academic achievement and Counselling.

Teachers will also find CLIL Modules on different topics. They embed the above mentioned approaches and may help teachers  implement them in their classroom as concrete examples, ideas and tools presented in the modules can inspire and support them in their daily activities.

Teachers will find a range of resources ranging from classroom videos, lesson plans, interviews, presentations, digital tools and classroom materials to peer-review and self-assessment activities.

Moreover, participants will look at practical ways of integrating technology into a teaching environment. They will explore a variety of ICT tools to facilitate and support teaching through the above mentioned new approaches.

A wide range of free available technologies is introduced and worked on during the teaching modules.

The Modules illustrated are flexible and can be adapted to any type of school, age range, subject and teachers' commitment.


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