Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 11

Accepted Abstracts

Distance Technologies in Language Learning

Elena A. Notina, RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Anna R. Bekeeva, RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Irina A. Bykova, RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Valentina E. Uliumdzhieva, RUDN University (Russian Federation)


New information and the Internet technologies empower and facilitate an access to an extensive database of teaching materials and interaction possibilities. Multimedia technologies are supported by the educational environment: multimedia programs, dictionaries, encyclopedias. Information technology promotes the acquisition of knowledge and skills for development of professional competence of future specialists, and is the basis for distance learning. Multimedia may become a reference tool for those wishing to study foreign languages independently, and the combination of traditional and new methods of language teaching will provide a higher level of learning.

The use of information technology increases the motivation of students. Interactivity language exercises can not only attract attention, but also to act on all receptive senses. Monitoring and instant assessment allows you to see the result, assess the correctness of the answers, read the comments. Another advantage of ICT is communication via computer.

Language education via distance learning technology is addressed to students who wish to study some language programs and the external exam for this course and receive the appropriate certificate; students wishing to deepen their knowledge in a foreign language, for example, to prepare for a university or admission to a special school, or those who are not satisfied with the statement of teaching foreign language in their school or university; students who wish to bridge the gaps in their knowledge due to the significant absences due to illness or other reasons; sick students who are unable to attend college; students wishing to receive an additional education in foreign school, university, college, or wishing to study a specific course that involves a good command of a foreign language. 


Information distance learning, foreign language teaching, modern teaching, distance learning process, innovative technology


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