Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 11

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Modern Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes

Natallia Zhabo, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (Russian Federation)

Marina Avdonina, Moscow State Linguistic University (Russian Federation)

Elena Krivosheeva, Senior teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages of the Agrarian Technological Institute; the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (Russian Federation)

Irina Likhacheva, Foreign Languages Department of Agrarian Technological Institute; Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) (Russian Federation)

Tatiana Meer, RUDN University (Russian Federation)


In modern linguistic conditions special attention is given to the action of communication. Knowledge of a foreign language is an important instrument of professional communication where the stress is made on professional intercultural communication within the framework of specialized subjects and terminology.

Modern textbook "Landscape design and architecture" represents a synthesis of classical approach, embracing the main lexico-grammatical material for the given specialty, and communicative technique which allows students to learn quickly to formulate sayings, confirm or refute anything heard, make short messages on a foreign language on a professional topic, write scientific articles. The peculiarity of a given tutorial is that presence of interactive modules permitting to expand the information range of the textbook.

The subject of the research is the synthesis of fundamental and modern communicative approach in methods of teaching foreign languages.

The aim of the research is to consider the relationship of different approaches to submission and consolidation of specialized material and skills development of professional communication.

Common and comparative analysis of different forms of work with authentic material and special lexics has been conducted. Stable constantly reproducible work methods contributory to volumetric digestion and conscious reproduction of the material on a foreign language have been identified.

Methods of comparative and general analysis have been applied.

The results of the research can be used in theoretical methodical research as well as in practice writing of modern foreign language manuals for special purposes.


Method of Project, Textbook, ICT Support, Landscape Design, French for Specific Purposes


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