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Propaedeutic Block of ESP Activities for Postgraduate Students in Environmental Science

Marina Avdonina, Peoples’ friendship university of russia (Russian Federation)


A set of ESP training activities is offered for beginners who have the basics of knowledge of another European language. Due to the comparison of ecological term systems of Russian, French and English obtained in the course of the previous research, the use of new forms of work were developed and implemented in the educational process (webinars, project methods, etc.) with postgraduate students engaged in scientific work in various fields of environmental knowledge. The fundamental for the proposed methodology is the "incomplete understanding of the text" approach to learning reading. In this regard, it is recommended to omit most of the linguistic phenomena of the text, focusing on the main goal: to teach to follow the development of the topic by reference words (figures, international vocabulary, pre-learned terms of ecology).

To facilitate learning of the special vocabulary the environmental terms are first identified by the teacher and pre-grouped into the following: research terms, means for conducting a discussion, for summarizing and evaluation. Students begin to understand the need for semantic analysis of the text.

For this course, the teacher specifically selects 1) material that highlights acute research, discovery or innovative technology; 2) additional texts, contrasting or developing ideas of the main text. One of the texts should be extremely simple, but contain terminology. A special type of work is the comparison of the forms of the same information in several languages, showing the need to adapt the presentation of a research when changing the addressee. A list of units necessary for retelling and evaluating the subject under discussion is attached separately. The teacher prepares a list of Internet sites on various positions of the discussed problem.

In this paper only those types of work of the teacher and students are described that are specifically directed at the environmental themes, it is designed to help the student as much as possible to overcome the language barrier, establish inter-language links, develop a language conjecture, provide tools for a structured answer to questions, retell a scientific article, and correspond with colleagues.


beginner-level, environmental terminology, incomplete understanding, postgraduate students, ESP 


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