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The Role of Social Media on Depth and Breadth of Vocabulary Enhancement of Iranian Undergraduates

Leila Kamelifar, Refah Humanitarian Science Faculty (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


Vocabulary breadth refers to the number of words a learner has the least knowledge. Depth of vocabulary knowledge is referred to as a learner's knowledge of various aspects of a word, or how the learner knows the meaning of a word deeply (Sheen, 2009).This article goes over the impact of exposure to telegram on depth and breadth of vocabulary knowledge. A number of 98 participants took part in the study. Regarding their level of proficiency, they became homogeneous through PET (Preliminary English Test) .Their level of English proficiency was assigned as intermediate.  They also took Intermediate Vocabulary Practice Test to become homogenous regarding their knowledge of vocabulary. Then, the outliers were excluded. The 60 remained undergraduate university students majoring in psychology were randomly divided into two experimental (Exg) and control groups (Cog). Then, the Exg had 20 sessions of treatment in vocabulary teaching program through telegram channel. Each day, they had to learn 10 new vocabularies within full English contexts.  Later on, both groups took an immediate post-test of Cambridge Vocabulary in Use Test. The results showed that there was a significant difference between the vocabulary depth and breadth of knowledge between two groups. In fact, the Exg outperformed the Cog.


Depth, breadth, vocabulary enhancement, telegram 


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