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Towards an Integrated Framework: Use of Constructivist and Experiential Learning Approaches in ICT-Supported Language Learning

Samia Naqvi, Middle East College (Oman)


This paper reports the findings of a research project that aimed to leverage the students’ growing interest and experience in using technology to develop their language skills through the use of student-created digital video (SCDV) approach. SCDV is an ICT embedded learning method which engages students in collaborative experiential learning. The students are involved in a series of constructive activities which make room for creativity. Centered around Vygotsky’s social constructivism and Kolb’s experiential learning theories, the SCDV project was introduced in an undergraduate level English language course offered to Arabic speaking EFL students enrolled in Engineering programmes at a private university college in Oman.

The purpose of the study was to explore the lived experiences of students and their teachers through the project. Data collection methods included student questionnaire, student focus group interviews, and classroom observation. The results tended to confirm that despite the challenges faced by students in terms of increased workload and technical issues, the project resulted in the development of their English language and a range of other skills such as researching, critical thinking, autonomous learning and technical competence. In addition, students enjoyed working on the project, found the tasks relevant and considered it a welcome change as compared to their traditional classroom assignments.

The study provides a model for SCDV integration into the foreign language curriculum.  The researcher concludes that SCDV projects encompass a number of advantages for students as well as tutors and therefore posit significant pedagogical implications for the EFL academia which need to be researched further.


ICT; experiential learning; social constructivism; student-created digital video


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