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Emotions and Different Intelligences in the ESL Classroom

Bruno Santos de Holanda Filho, Do it! Language School (Brazil)


Is it only the book that matters in a lesson? Or is a dynamic teacher the most important tool for a successful lesson? Are emotions something we can explore? During this presentation, participants will be able to share their experiences on how they deal with students' feelings and if they think it might help the students to learn better. Also, there are going to be practical activities, games, videos and others to give new teachers a chance to improve their lesson plans as well as developing authentic material related to their students' emotions, and better learning intelligences. Having seen that the multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner (1991)  are crucial when learning another language or anything else. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, writing or any other kind of practice can be adapted to make it more meaningful for the students who have strong issues about emotions and types of learning. We can, for example, ask students to write about what makes them happy in the lessons, instead of only asking if they’re ok. They’ll be practising language and, at the same time, writing about things they can easily talk about, without feeling forced. It is natural learning. Simple questions like: "How are you feeling today?" can develop a huge number of tasks we can work on to use EMOTION as a way of improving our students' motivation and knowledge. It is expected that all teacher taking part in this presentation can build a project together on how to work better with emotions and also understand that students’ feelings matter the most. All the researches and activities were previously discussed and studied together with a specialized psychologist, with experience in ESL education.

Keywords: Multiple intelligences; emotions; happy learning; clil; content; games

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