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Edition 11

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Extensive Reading with Learning Objects in a Blended Learning Modality

Flores González Norma, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Mexico)


Nowadays, studies on collaborative learning tools have shown that literature circles enhance students’ extensive reading experiences and knowledge which are practical for their daily lives and meaningful. Besides, collaborative learning tools in group discussions like wikis have encouraged students to develop both critical and reflexive thinking. Thus, this form of learning further develops extensive reading and interpersonal skills, social relationships among students and a sense of community.

The objective of this study is to show the results of developing extensive reading by using wikis in literature circles with learning objects.

This study allowed researchers to identify four main roles in the collaborative learning process while developing extensive reading in literature circles: pedagogical, social, managerial and technical. Furthermore, the opportunities offered by wikis to enhance student learning by being able to incorporate collaborative learning activities into online learning environments are many: the technical aspects of selecting a wiki and designing a learning object, setting it up, organizing the page layout and navigation might present a teacher with some challenge in order to create a culture of sharing and contribution.

Finally, in this research the results showed that students perceived that collaborative learning tools tended to help them understand a reading, read in big quantities with pleasure and satisfaction and reflect on the content and context of the tasks. Moreover, this form of reading was perceived to increase their confidence and motivation to communicate with their peers in English, and there were higher rates of task completion in reading comprehension exercises.


Learning objects, extensive reading, literature circles, collaborative work



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