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Mohammed Larouz

Institution: Moulay Ismail University of Meknes

Address: Marjane Amicale N 28

Postal Code: 50000

Country: Morocco

Mohammed Larouz
School of Arts & Humanities
Meknes, Morocco

University Teacher at Moulay Ismail University

Dr. Mohammed Larouz has earned a PhD. in Applied Linguistics from Fez University, Morocco in 2004. He previously graduated an MA in the same field from Essex University, England in 1996. He worked as a secondary school teacher for more than fifteen years. He also worked as a teacher-trainer in the teacher training center (Centre Pédagogique Régional) in Meknes for four years before he joined the School of Arts and Humanities of Moulay Ismail University of Meknes in 2005.
He served as a member in the National Specialized Commission in Charge of the Educational Curriculum.
Currently, he is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at the School of Arts & Humanities Meknes, Morocco at Moulay Ismail Universityof Meknes.
He is the Coordinator of the Master Program in “Applied Linguistics at the School of Arts and Humanities in Meknes, Morocco.
He is a Reviewer and Assessor of manuscripts submitted for publication in the Journal
of “Research into the Teaching of English” in the Graduate College of Education University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. USA.

He completed an MTCP (Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme) course: ‘Integrating ICT in Language Teaching’ held at International Language Teacher Institute, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2006.
He was twice granted Fulbright scholarship to the USA.

He was the Director of Studies of the professional Bachelor in ‘TEFL between 2009-2013 at the School of Arts and Humanities in Meknes.
He ran the Professional Bachelor Program in ‘TEFL’ in Meknes for three years.

He is currently the Director of Studies of the MA Program in ‘Applied Linguistics’ as well as the Chair of a Research Group on ‘Applied Linguistics & the Teaching of languages’.

Currently, he is the Vice-President Moroccan Association of Teachers of English (MATE) Local Branch.

He was a Conference Chair at the International conference on: “ICT in higher education: Future Prospects and potential challenges”: April 18-19, School of Arts and Humanities, Meknes.

Areas of expertise: Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Research Methodology, and Communication. Teaching English as a FL, Second Language Acquisition, Professional development, Public Speaking, Reading and Writing, Teacher Training, and Languages for Specific Purposes.

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