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Silvia Toniato

Institution: H3AL

Country: Italy

Silvia Toniato is a former philologist, university teacher and researcher (Università degli Studi di Torino, Université de Poiters, Université de Savoie).

She obtained her PhD in 2007 (Università degli Studi di Torino) and her Qualification (French national habilitation to teach in universities) in 2009. She participated in various international research projects and wrote several international scientific publications.

Her main focus was the decoding of ancient scientific languages and their translation into modern formal terms; she did this through studying and editing manuscript sources. Her research resulted in new discoveries concerning the language, practice and knowledge of mathematics in the Middle Ages.

In 2011 her scientific interest shifted towards cognitive abilities and the functioning of the brain and body. Her research is now focused on the brain-body-mind interaction (which includes intermediate states of consciousness between sleep and the waking state) and how these interactions are involved in cognitive functions, learning capacity and general wellbeing.

To explore the subject through practice, she learned the Bowen Technique (from Delbert Skeete) and the IADC® technique (from Graham Maxey and Juliane Grodhues), also becoming a Bowen and an IADC® therapist. Her research extended the general understanding of Bowen applications and effects, and on the reasons why these effects are produced. Those findings led to her creation of the H3AL method, which she is currently applying together with Bowen therapist Delbert Skeete.
She is also a student and the Italian translator of the renowned lucid dreaming masters Charlie Morley (Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism) and Sergio Magaña (Tol lineage within the Toltec-Mexihca tradition).

H3 ACCELERATED LEARNING®, tested through EEG and brain imaging devices, proved significantly to enhance cognitive abilities and to stabilize its results.

Areas of expertise: Ancient and medieval science, philology and codicology, language, learning process, teaching process, Bowen technique, brain-body functioning, brain-body-consciousness interaction.

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