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Ilze Holtzhausen de Beer

Institution: University of South Africa

Address: PO Box 392

Postal Code: 0003

Country: South Africa

Ilze Holtzhausen de Beer graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (formally known as the University of Natal) in 1979 majoring in Afrikaans and Dutch, and German. She lectured at the University of Grahamstown and the University of Zululand before joining the Directorate Language Services (formerly known as the Editorial Department) in 1986. She is currently one of four managers in the Directorate responsible for managing the text editing and translation of study material, research articles, reports, inaugural lectures and administrative documents. She is also responsible for the quality assurance of completed texts and the training of new appointees. She runs an internship programme with students from the University of Johannesburg.

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