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Irina A. Bykova

Institution: RUDN University

Address: G. Kurina str., bld. 44/1, app.296

Postal Code: 121108

Country: Russian Federation

Irina Bykova
Graduate of The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages (since 1990 Moscow State Linguistic University), Ph.D. in Comparative-Historical Linguistics, Comparative-Typological Linguistics, and Translation Theory.
Professor, Vice-Head of the Department of Foreign Languages of RUDN University. Member of Translators Union of Russia (UTR), Asociación de Hispanistas de Rusia, International Society of Applied Psycholinguitics (ISAPL).
Irina has published over 160 scientific papers on a wide range of topics in Linguistics, Translation Theory, and Cross-cultural Communication. Her recent books include monographs “Language. Culture. Cognition. (Cognitive and Discursive Aspects of Translation) (2013); textbook “Theory of Translation (Cognitive and Pragmatical Aspect) (2018); "Language in the Cognitive Space of Translation and Intercultural Communication" (2017).
Her research focuses on Linguistics, Translation Theory and Practice, Comparative Linguistics, Cross-cultural Communication, Comparative Lexicology, Romance Languages.

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