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Tien Bui Duc

Institution: Ho Chi Minh City University of Education

Address: 40/17 Nguyen Vau Dau, Ward 6, Binh Thanh District

Postal Code: 700000

Country: Viet Nam

Bui Duc Tien is currently a lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, Vietnam. He holds an MA in Applied Linguistics and a BA in English Language Teaching. His official responsibilities include giving lectures to and supervising the internship of pre-service translators and interpreters. Besides, he takes an interest in material development and curriculum design, ESP for adults and exam-oriented English programs (such as the IELTS), and is also a teacher trainer for internationally recognized TESOL certificates issued by HorizonTESOL. Furthermore, he is involved with the multinational US-sponsored Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) as a member of the Community of Practice (COP) in Vietnam, and has contributed to promoting Professional Communication Skills for Leaders (PCSL) through co-facilitating seminars and edCamps.

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