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Elena Kitaeva

Institution: St. Petersburg State University

Address: 17 Klinsky Pr., apart. 20

Postal Code: 190013

Country: Russian Federation

Elena M. Kitaeva is an Associate Professor for the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia.
Elena Kitaeva graduated in Philology-Linguistics from St. Petersburg State University in 1980; in 1991 she attained Ph.D. in Linguistics, since then has been working in the field of higher education.
Elena is an expert in teaching General English and ESP for adult students. She also gives lectures in stylistics, text analysis, and comparative linguistics. She successfully supervises student’s research work in linguistics and foreign language teaching methodology.
For the last 10 years, Elena has been involved in managing and coordinating the work of the English Language Department for Faculty of Psychology, St. Petersburg State University, being its Chief.
Elena has published over 40 articles in the field of linguistics and methodology of teaching foreign languages.
Areas of expertise: higher education, adult education, vocational training, higher education management.

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