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Mária Belešová

Institution: University of Comenius, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational sciences and studies

Address: Šoltésovej 4

Postal Code: 813 34

Country: Slovakia

Mária Belešová graduated in Educational Sciences at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2010. Since then, she has been working on a pedagogical faculty that focuses on pre-school and elementary pedagogy over the last seven years.
Mária Belešová deals with issues of pre-primary and primary education with an emphasis on child and pupil interpretation of phenomena related to literacy and reading literacy, elements of which are expressed also through children's own drawing. The subject of her interest also extends to the discovery of childish naive ideas about reading and writing with which pupils enter the school environment. In the research are preferred design techniques, when the images reflect the ideas of children that are properly analyzed. Children have an in-depth interview to draw their drawings thoroughly. The topic of relevant publications includes: Abstracting literacy - first (non) targeted literacy,2012; Drawing as an alternative way to children's understanding of reading literacy, 2012; Student's reading literacy at the beginning of primary education, 2013; Images of learners beginning to learn to read about the meaning and function of reading, 2014; Children's drawing as a way of exploring literacy, 2015; How children project their ideas about reading and writing in drawings, 2016.

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