Innovation in Language Learning

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Lenka Szentesiová

Institution: University of Comenius, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational sciences and studies, Department of Pre-Primary and Primary Education

Address: Jazmínová 1

Postal Code: 960 01

Country: Slovakia

Mgr. Lenka Szentesiová, PhD. (1985) deals with issues of didactics of Slovak language, literature and style education and problems of reading with understanding in primary education. It takes into account interdisciplinary aspects of language and speech, at the interface of linguistic and pedagogical methodology. The subject of her interest is also the literary culture of children from the bilingual environment and the specifics of bilingual literary communication. From published papers, we select Metacognition as a pointer to reception and text comprehension. Prešov, 2014; Literature for children in the process of didactic communication. Hradec Králové, 2014; Didactic Dimensions of Intermediate Relationships. Interferences between Slovak language and literature and music education. Hradec Králové, 2015.

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