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Bushra Al-Noori

Institution: English Department - Baghdad University

Address: New Baghdad / block 42 / house 9

Postal Code: 10062

Country: Iraq

Bushra Saadoon M. Al-Noori was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1958. She received her Ph.D. degree in English Language Teaching from Baghdad University, Iraq in 1995.

She is currently an Associate Professor In English Language Teaching, Baghdad University College Of Education, Ibn Rushd For Human Sciences, English Department, Baghdad, Iraq
She visited Italy as a Visiting Professor In the Year 2015-16 in Florence University, to evaluate the English Language Program between Iraq and Italy and she has got her Excellent Marks. Her Research includes Method of Teaching Foreign Language.
She added an article in Pune, India which is Using Dictation in Teaching College Students: Dr. Bushra Nima Rashid & Dr.Bushra S. Al-Noori. International Conference on languages, literature and cultural. Institute of Advanced studies in English. India , Pune.

Dr.Bushra is a member of the Iraqi Translation Association & Educational and Psychological Education and Iraqi Teacher Union.

*Published Books:
1) Methods of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. City/State: Baghdad,Iraq
Name of Publisher: ISBN 1977, Iraqi National Library and Archives,
Published in the year 2017.
2) Teaching English Grammar in Iraq. 2017. India. With the Asst. Prof. Dr. Bushra Neamah Rashid
3) Reading and Writing Skills. 2017. India
4) EFL College Students Basic Concepts in English Phonetics and Phonology. India. Idea Publishing.
5) An Introduction to EFL College Students Reading Comprehension Skills. India. Idea Publishing.

*Published Researches:
1- The Effect of Using International Technology on EFL Student's Reading Comprehension at Baghdad University voi-7 July 2014. Translation and Linguistics Journal Iraqi Translation Association.
2- Using Contextualized Pictures in Teaching Vocabulary to Intermediate School in Iraq. Al Ameed. Quartely Adjudicated Journal for research and Humanist studies.
3rd year , 3rd Edition , Eleventh Edition September , 2014 . Issn-2227-0345. , Nadia Fadhil , College of Islamic Science.
3- Investigating EFL College Student Teachers' Attitudes Towards using Authentic Material during the Practicum. Ahl-Albait University Journal N.16, 2014.
4- The Effect of Reader's Background of Reading Comprehension Performance. Australian International Academic Centre, Advances in Language and literary studies. vol. 5 No.6 December 2014. Issn :2203-4714.
5- Assessing EFL Students Recognition and Production of Subordinate Clauses Translation Studies. Bait Al-Hikma.
6- Using Dictation in Teaching College Students. Dr. Bushra Nima Rashid. International Conference on languages, literature and cultural. Institute of Advanced studies in English. India, Pune.
7- College of Humman Department Al-Sialmaniya + Dr. Khansaa' Al-Bahadli College of Imam Al-Kadhim.
Investigating Iraqi English university Instructors' Difficulties, in Integrating thinking skills among students in the classroom.
8- Assessing EFL Student's Recognition and Production of Subordinate Clauses; Baytul Hikma- Baghdad, Vol.17-18-2012.

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