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Massimiliano Spotti

Institution: Babylon Centre Faculty of Humanities Dept of Culture StudiesnTilburg University The Netherlands

Address: Dante Building

Postal Code: 5000LE

Country: The Netherlands

Massimiliano Spotti is Assistant Professor at the Dept of Culture Studies at the Faculty of Humanities at Tilburg University as well as Deputy Director of Babylon, Centre for the Study of Superdiversity at the same institution.

Graduated in Educational Sciences from Oxford University in 1999, he has then read for an MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of London. After defending his PhD in 2007 at Tilburg University he has been working in the field of migration, integration and citizenship.

So far, Massimiliano Spotti has been involved as project manager in several EU supported grants ranging from the EU lifelong learning program to the EU integration fund to funds from the Dutch Scientific Organisation (NWO).

His publications include an authored volume entitled ‘Developing Identities’ (2007) as well as several co-edited efforts for both peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as the UNESCO based Diversities Journal as well as Volumes with Continuum and Multilingual Matters.

At present Dr. Spotti is leading a research line on asylum seeking and social media, called Asylum 2.0.

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