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Katarina Lindahl

Institution: Dalarna University

Country: Sweden

Katarina Lindahl holds a Licentiate of Philosophy in Subject Matter Education with a focus on English from Gothenburg University. In her licentiate thesis Katarina focused on vocational English in the Building and Construction Programme. The aim of the licentiate thesis was to examine how, and in what ways, vocational English is a part of English language teaching in the Building and Construction Programme in Sweden, and what the influences were for such pedagogy. The main research question was how policy documents relate to the views of teachers and their educational practice regarding vocational English.

Prior to her research studies, Katarina received a Master of Education degree from Karlstad University and worked in both secondary and upper secondary school as a teacher of English and religion.

At Dalarna University, she teaches English language learning and teaching, and also teaches several courses in the teacher training programme. In addition, she supervises and examines degree theses in the teacher training programme. Most courses at Dalarna University are net-based and consist of online seminars. Katarina has worked closely with the IT-department and specialises on the teaching methodology of online learning.

She has also worked on several pedagogical development projects for the university.

Areas of expertise: higher education, school education, vocational English, online-learning, language learning, languages for specific purposes, ICT, Content and Language Integrated Learning

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