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Olga Medvedeva

Institution: Institute of Foreign Languages, Vilnius University

Country: Lithuania

Olga Medvedeva is the International Project Co-ordinator at the Public Service Language Centre (Lithuania), a public institution that specializes in language courses for adults and has extensive experience in teacher training and material development, including ICT based learning programmes, textbooks for schools and language courses for specific purposes.

Olga Medvedeva studied philology and foreign languages at Moscow State University of Linguistics, where she obtained a PhD in linguistics. She has worked in adult, vocational and tertiary education (Vilnius University, Vilnius Pedagogical University). Since 2001 She has been involved in co-ordinating and implementing various European projects focusing on the area of language learning, teacher training, culture and research. Olga Medvedeva has developed and coordinated partnership with a wide range of institutions - public authorities, universities, colleges and schools, professional training centres – both in Lithuania and throughout Europe.

Olga Medvedeva has been extensively involved in teaching materials and tests design (co-author of several textbooks and distance learning programmes); she is a teacher trainer with work experience in Lithuania and other countries. Her present interests include applied linguistics, semantics, intercultural communication and didactics.

At present Olga Medvedeva is a Board member of the Lithuanian Association of Language Teachers (http://www.lkpa.uki.vu.lt/). She has experience in organising international conferences and other professional development events.

Area of Expertise: Higher education, languages for specific purposes, applied linguistics, adult education, language teacher training, e-learning.

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