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Elena Gómez Parra

Institution: University of Córdoba

Country: Spain

Mª Elena Gómez is the Vicedean for International Affairs and Institutional Relations of the Faculty of Education at the University of Córdoba, Spain. Her work is focused mainly on international mobility and she is the Institutional Representative of the Erasmus Programme of the Faculty (thus, responsible for the mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff). She also develops other international programmes at the Faculty, such as the exchange for teaching practices of students between the University of Birmingham and Córdoba, and a programme of international cooperation for students of Education with the Saharan refugees in the Algerian desert.
Mª Elena Gómez graduated in English Philology from the University of Granada and read her PhD at the University of Córdoba in 2000.
She teaches English Grammar and Phonetics at the Faculty of Education (Teacher Training Degree) and Intercultural Studies and English for the Science in Master and PhD Programmes.
So far Mª Elena Gómez has been involved in different research groups having to do with plurilingual approaches to teaching, intercultural training of teachers and didactics of the second language. She has also collaborated in international programmes funded by the EU (Comenius, for example) and has participated in the scientific committee of some international conferences. She is part of the scientific board of the Journal EdUCO and collaborates with Pearson Education in the elaboration of didactic units for different English teaching methods (Total English, English Grammar with exercises ...) and the translation into Spanish of some manuals on Education.

Area of Expertise: Plurilingual approaches to teaching, intercultural training of teachers and didactics of the second language.

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