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Kati Valtonen

Institution: Omnia

Country: Finland

Kati Valtonen is working as a Project Services Manager in Omnia. She has a long experience of national and European project management, coordination and networks.

Kati Valtonen graduated as a Master of Science from the University of Helsinki in 1994. She has also accomplished the pedagogical studies in the University of Helsinki in 1997. Since then she has been working in vocational training especially in the fields of language training, multicultural and migrant training and of project activities. She has worked as a French language teacher for adults, language material producer, team leader of language teachers, director of international affairs, project manager and project services manager.

Kati Valtonen has coordinated a lot of projects, funded both nationally and by the European Commission. The main themes of the projects have been language training, multicultural issues, development of learning material and methods, teacher training and teacher and student exchange programmes. She participates actively in the application procedures independently and as a member of different teams. She has produced a publication “Kamut – meitä on moneksi, onneksi” which is a set of articles dealing with multicultural issues and migrant training questions in Finland. The publication was a product of the project called “Kamut” that she coordinated from 2010 to 2012.

Area of Expertise: Transnational cooperation, adult education, vocational training, e-learning, language learning, foreign languages and company training, migrant training, multicultural issues, multicultural issues for teachers, project management

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