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Ligia Sarivan

Institution: National Center for Policy and Evaluation in Education, Education Research Unit

Country: Romania

Ligia Sarivan is a senior researcher within the Research Unit of the National Center for Policy and Evaluation in Education, Bucharest, Romania.
She graduated the University of Bucharest with a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures in 1985 and obtained a PhD from the same University in 1998.
Ligia has been teaching English and French at all levels of education. Since 1998 she has been involved in teacher training as well as in the management of teacher training programmes with a focus on language education and curriculum development. She was invited to participate in curriculum development and training in Croatia, Serbia, Moldova.
In the past 15 years she collaborated with her alma mater and the University of Ploiești, Romania in order to establish research partnerships among graduate students in language education, their professors and mentors in the master program as well as teachers from various schools and backgrounds.
Ligia was involved in the national teams for PIRLS 2011 and PISA 2018. She is currently part of the PISA 2022 Romanian team and has been actively promoting the results of large scale assessment from the perspective of improving the students’ reading.
She has published many articles and chapters in books on a variety of educational topics, e.g. multiple intelligences, curriculum development, blended learning, innovative methodology. She co-authored several resources and online materials for student teachers as well as for teachers who work with students at risk.
In the summer of 2020 she was part of a large team of educators who developed a framework and online resources to support a successful start of the 2020-2021 school year.

Areas of expertise: language education and language teacher education, curriculum development, school-based curriculum, innovative methodology, blended learning, teacher training, multi-grade teaching and students at risk, large scale assessment (reading).

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