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Benjamin Buys

Institution: Alter Ecole (Wallonie Bruxelles Enseignement), Ecole libre de la Sainte Famille (Segec)

Country: Belgium

I'm an English and Spanish teacher from Belgium in both primary and secondary schools. I studied at the University of Liège.
I work in a alternative school which is a project-pilot from the French-speaking community. The school is located in the Liège countryside and its name is "Alter Ecole" (Alter school). One of the main pedagogical focuses is the interdisciplinary work.
I became very fond of working with a colleague whose subject is far away from mine in terms of skills. I wrote an article about it in the magazine "Traces: Changement pour l'égalité" called "Interdisciplinarity" in 2019.
I am convinced that working in interdisciplinary lessons can enhance the learnings of the students and their motivation in the classroom.

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