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Reality-Check for Flexibility Check: Assessing Open Distance Learning Status among Nigerian Minors

Samuel D. Ojo, University of Abuja (Nigeria)

Siyan Peter, University of Abuja (Nigeria)



It is not gainsaying that education has significantly moved away from four-wall classroom. Technological innovations are being deployed to break barriers of TIME, DISTANCE, and LOCATION etc. in education. Little wonder NUC massively advocate for distance learning in Nigerian universities.

This research paper seeks to assess the sustainability of this new trend in education in Nigeria as regards the students. It seeks to examine various students’ requisite skills, materials and peculiarities requires for this new trend of education. It tends to identify various challenges current Nigerian distance learners might be facing in this new system of education and how the concerned institutional bodies could flexibly factor these issues in designing Nigerian Social-friendly distance learning programmes.

The research instrument used for this study is questionnaire which comprises of various questions carefully structured to assess distance learning students of University of Abuja as touching their current technical skills, financial capacities, socio-economic status among others. This research identifies challenges on ‘Statorial’ basis; it identifies the challenges from State to State within Nigeria. These and many factors are examined in this study to give an overview deliverables which could help to design/develop distance learning programmes that will be Nigeria-friendly considering her peculiar nature. The statistical method used in analyzing the results gathered from respondents is Simple Percentage.

The results of this paper identify various areas in distance learning that require local adaptation and not absolute absorption. It unravels heights that are still not yet attained in Nigerian distance learning and identifies strategies towards attaining them for excellent distance learning practices.



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