New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Motivating the student to learn: a real challenge

Abdelhak Mansouri, Prof in educational psychology at the faculty of social sciences , University Oran 2 (Algeria)


Teachers find it difficult to bring the attention of their students and motivate them to seriously pursue their activities within the classroom. This issue is actually representing, for many of them, a real challenge resulting in fear, worry, preoccupation and great concern which in severe cases affect the very self-confidence. How shouldn’t they worry while even the best teaching methods have failed to change this negative attitude which has almost become characteristic of a large proportion of contemporary students. 
Where would the problem be situated? Is it linked to the learner himself and his vision of the school and the level of appreciation of learning activities and how is he estimating the potential benefit and the importance of going to school, taking into consideration the available opportunities offered by the society ?
or is it because the learner is preoccupied and  motivated with something else and that school activity represents only a secondary concern for him ?
Or is the problem related  to  the social realities and  the prevailing values particularly within the violent  mutations and shifts that modern societies are witnessing? 
or is it simply a problem of pedagogical nature reflecting the school's failure to win learner confidence and attract his attention and to improve his performance of educational learning ?
There is no doubt that all these sources and others are present and affect the learning process at different levels, but since the educational institution has always represented the driving force of society and has a leading and responsible role in accompanying the society development, our discussion will consider the problem of poor motivation of the learner as primarily an educational problem, and that school - through a comprehensive review  of how has this category of learners been dealt with so far and by means of an objective evaluation and assessment of their real difficulties and obstacles, and mostly through the necessity of adapting the  educational approaches to their needs ,  would be able to improve their performance and change their attitude towards school learning.

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