New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

Accepted Abstracts

Scholar Labs, Critical Thinking by Design. An Experience in Training Child Teachers

Édgar Giovanni Rodríguez Cuberos, Unimonserrate (Colombia)

Uriel Ignacio Espitia Vásquez, Unimonserrate (Colombia)

Diana Marcela Soto Artunduaga, Escuela de Educación - Unimonserrate (Colombia)


This proposal shows how we train teachers working with children from a perspective of scientific education convergent between different disciplines. From our vision of the Scholar labs, different tools and procedures of the so-called maker movements, DiY and DIWO are adapted. Our objective is to promote scientific education, critical thinking, innovation and experimentation with a type of laboratory that, beyond being understood as a closed space for great scientists, is thought and imagined as an own space, divergent, disruptive, and interdisciplinary. We believe that the training of new teachers working with children should favor thinking skills and collaborative, inclusive and creative work. Therefore, we generate permanent exercises of design, layout and ideation, communication and dissemination and production of situated knowledge. We hope that our teachers take the laboratory as a possibility and not as a place. In this text, we characterize our practice of scientific education through valuing strategies and procedures that are useful and effective in transforming the scientific culture of our students. In the same way, we identify easy and simple strategies in order to facilitate that other teachers can replicate the experience in a type of LAB that does not require instruments or endowment in its most basic and functional version.

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