New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

Accepted Abstracts

Text Mining of University Midterm Reports for Comparison of Educational Strength

Kahori Ogashiwa, Utsunomiya University (Japan)

Masao Mori, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

Sachio Hirokawa, Kyushu University (Japan)


We are studying to find distinction among Japanese national universities, and strength of each university by analyzing their midterm goals and plans. In this paper, we propose a system that extracts keywords from documents, analyze and visualize features of the documents based on the extracted keywords. In our study, we adopt the midterm goals and plans of Japanese national universities as the object documents. We regard the features from the keyword analysis from those documents as the features of universities. In this paper, we report the experimental analysis focused on "regional" contribution and "international" contribution by university, which are important factors of social relevance.

We collected the documents of midterm goals, extracted the segments on education and constructed a "mind map" search engine and "cross tabulation" search engine. The mind map displays the co-occurrence relation of words that appear in the search result of a query. The cross tabulation shows a table whose axis is either names of universities, keywords in the search results or the focused keywords such as "regional", "local", "global", "foreign", "English" etc.  We used the two search engine to compare 7 universities that contain the focused keyword "region".


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