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The Organizer of Sports and Recreational Events as Health Educator

Paweł Fryderyk Nowak, Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy, Opole University of Technology, Opole, Poland (Poland)


Sports and recreational events could be a carrier of many general educational values and may promote sport rivalry, but also educate towards a healthy lifestyle. Much depends on the event program and mission carried by the organizer.

Attempt to determine the attitude of the organizers of sports and recreational mass events (with sport rivalry) toward health promotion and intentional entering the role of health educators was the main objective of this study.

The study involved 160 organizers of sports and recreational events operating in Poland. The method of diagnostic survey was used as a technique of author’s anonymous survey questionnaire. Programs of 50 most popular sports and recreational events in Poland were analyzed in terms of objectives and content of educational events.

Promoting health and healthy lifestyle is the most significant aim for the organizers; creating a meeting place for participants of specific sports activities and promoting a city (or village) where the event takes place are also important goals.

Most organizers belive that activities of health education and offering prophylactic examinations during the event are significant enrichments of event.

Unfortunately, declarations and goals related to health promotion set out in events’ programs are not reflected in the detailed program of the event. Sports and recreational events like city running have great potential in the field of health promotion, but organizers only occasionally plan specific educational activities in the field of healthy lifestyle and seldom offer the ability to perform prophylactic examinations.

Keywords: sports and recreational events; health education; health promotion.


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