New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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The Attitudes of the Future Socio-Educational Agents Toward Religious And Cultural Diversity

Ruth Vilà Baños, University of Barcelona (Spain)

Maria José Rubio Hurtado, University of Barcelona (Spain)


The map of different religious expressions is a challenge for coexistence in the public space, and for the education of future educators. We present the challenge of religious diversity in the educational context, analyzing how is the attitude of future educational agents to this religious diversity, to interreligious and intercultural dialogue, and to the role of education in managing this diversity.

It has conducted a survey study in the framework of a Project (AGAUR-2014RELIG00019) on attitudes of students in Teacher Training in Primary and Children, Social Education, Social Work and Social Education, with the "Attitudes towards religious and cultural diversity in education for intercultural dialogue and interfaith scale".

The results highlight the importance that the students of the different universities give to the contents on religious diversity and intercultural and interreligious dialogue, despite their lack of curricular presence. It has a very favorable cultural and religious diversity attitude, interreligious dialogue, and especially reluctant to that education plays an important role in the management of religious and cultural diversity.

However, participants in the study do not see it as important to incorporate religious content into compulsory basic education (compulsory primary and secondary education). These last results regarding the basic formation, we believe that they are given with respect to a concept of religious formation that is what has traditionally been developed in the traditional catholic religious formation.

It should improve the training of future educational agents across grade levels to meet the challenges of religious and cultural diversity in the educational framework.

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