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A Study of Biology Laboratory Instructions and Skill Acquisition among Biology Students at F.C.E. (sp.) Oyo towards Promoting Bio-Entrepreneurship as a Curricular Topic

Martina Ivie Araoye, Federal College of Education (Special) (Nigeria)


This research work was undertaken to examine Biology laboratory instructions and skill acquisition among Biology students at the Federal College of Education (Special) Oyo, with the aim to promote bio-entrepreneurship as a curricular topic for greater profitability for Biology graduates. In Nigeria today, many school leavers are grossly unemployed and a main reason for this social ill is the lack of training in entrepreneurial skills that will enable them stand on their own. ‘Skills acquisition focused education’ through biology laboratory instructions is directly linked to solving life challenges and revealing Bio-enterprises for self-sustenance and national economic growth. The study which adopted an opinion survey research design embedded a concise background including three purposes of study and five research questions as well as a review of relevant literatures. From a target population of four hundred and fifty, a simple random sampling technique was employed to select a sample of sixty biology students, twenty each across all the three levels (NCE 1-3). The study adopted a four- point Likert–Scale type questionnaire to elicit students’ responses. Data collected were statistically analyzed and the findings discussed. The results revealed that though the students were being offered qualitative laboratory skills in line with the NCCE Minimum Standards, this was not effectively packaged with a bio-entrepreneurial content. The findings also showed that existing laboratories need to be upgraded and students–teacher ratio made suitable for qualitative teaching and learning. Among others, it was recommended that Curriculum design for biology Education should include courses in entrepreneurship education while the instructional programme should include outside classroom exposures involving seminars and workshops on possible bio-businesses and trainings in managerial and profit maximization skills.

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