New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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New Media Technologies will Create The Revolution in Education

Alireza Arefzadeh, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences (Iran, Islamic Republic of)



New media, including content and methods for presenting it, unmistakably contribute to the informal education of our students outside the classroom. In addition to considering new media (television, video games, Internet, etc.) as educative agents and keeping their influence in mind, educational institutions incorporate these media into programs of study as content—including analysis of their importance in society, function, and the repercussions, they may have in our lives. Technology has great potential to help people learn, and businesses should capitalize on the advantages of technology to create technologically advanced educational systems.

They change to accommodate students’ learning styles and significantly change education of the future. The Internet allows people to search through digital knowledge and connect people to teachers and experts. Textbooks can become interactive and can easily include updates and corrections. Students will likely be able to get coursework from whichever university they choose, and courses will likely be collaborative and public. These changes will allow universities to teach anyone willing to learn, rather than only a select few in a classroom. Technologies are already changing education, as online schools allow students to earn degrees through only online courses Computer-Based Trainings are self-paced activities on a computer that present content to a user. The trainings often include assessments that can be immediately scored, providing quick feedback to the users.

Conclusion: New Media Technologies provide revolution in education.

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