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The Effects of a Last-Minute Change in Course Format: A Case Study of One Hybrid Anatomy and Physiology I Course

Stephanie M. Hutchins, Maria College (United States)


It is not easy for college administrators to find instructors to teach every section of every scheduled course each semester.  This applies to most institutions of higher learning.  In this particular circumstance, Maria College did not have an instructor to cover a face-to-face Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) I lecture just one week before classes were to begin.  In order to get coverage, it was decided to change the course to a hybrid format.  The students would meet with the instructor once per week and complete the remainder of the material on their own.  This case study evaluates the grades from 13 students in this hybrid course in comparison to student results from a face-to-face A&P I course taught by the same instructor during the same semester. Twelve of these students were originally scheduled for the face-to-face class that was converted to hybrid format. One student switched into the hybrid section from a face-to-face class because it fit better with their home schedule.  When comparing the grades of this hybrid section to a face-to-face A&P I course taught by the same instructor, there was no significant difference in student grades.  This was the case despite the majority of students being unhappy with the new format and feeling that they would have done better if the course remained face-to-face.  The students perceived that they were at a disadvantage by taking the hybrid course, but their grades showed them to be on par with a face-to-face section of A&P I taught by the same instructor.  Student feedback and recommendations for future hybrid A&P courses will be provided.

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