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Edition 13

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Fifty One commented linguistic experiences

Nadejda Bâlici, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” (Moldova, Republic of)

Marcel Balici, Free International University of Moldova (Moldova, Republic of)


Laboratory of professional, intercultural and linguistic experiences launches a new didactic product: the DVD “51 commented linguistic experiences”. The area of  interest it is teaching and learning Romanian language as a non-native language  by the representatives users of interlocutors ethnicities, but also as a foreign language for international students. Audio and video databases collected / stored / selected and interpreted for Romanian language study involves an innovative character. The work involves interviewing 51 selected users by the following criteria: ethnically homogeneous / inhomogeneous  groups, professionally homogeneous / inhomogeneous, migrants, representatives of others cohabiting ethnicities. 
The structure of the dialogued presentation of linguistic experiences previously purchased it will be based on principles derived from User's Linguistic Portfolio with reference to the communication based on questionnaires. The specific element of personal/professional area of activity it will be revealed in the activity of narration of their own linguistic experience and in conducting interviews with questioning elements derived from narrative discourse. 
The collected data will be interpreted according to criteria of abilities and dexterities evaluation circumscribed to linguistic and communication skills. Data interpretation requires not only the description of effective ways of learning, the disclosure of methods and of techniques acquiring communication skills, elaboration of strategies for achieving the objectives of a unit or chapter. 
Interpretation of data from the perspective of the work that we propose is demonstrating how the elements of efficient learning  discovered by users are found in didactic discourse, teaching aids, textbooks. The practical functions of this didactic resources are diagnostic of the accordance level between user's expectations and teaching resources offered, of prognostication based on assumptions database elaboration, strategical design of outlook perspectives based on the  algorithm: 
1.Data collected 
2. Data interpretation 
3. Reflection of compliance between supply and expectations 
4. Elaborating the hypothesis 
5. Elaboration of strategies for the study 
6. The interpretation of results 
The practical jointing between previous experience and the perspective of learning strategy elaboration, the selection of didactic ways checked by time will be lasting basics for the element of user's metacognitive vision, and also for teacher training.

Keywords: linguistic / intercultural experience, LDILE, hypotheses, valuable judgments.


[2] Menegale Marcella. Dall’autonomia nell’apprendimento delle lingue straniere allo sviluppo della competenza plurilingue. Dottorato di ricerca in scienze del linguaggio, Università Ca’Foscari Venezia, A.A. 2007-2008- A.A. 2010-2011. Available on:


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