New Perspectives in Science Education

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LaTeX as an Ideal Tool for Integration of ICT and Mathematics in Science Teaching

Aslanbek Naziev, Ryazan State University, Professor of Mathematics, Full (Russian Federation)

Polina Monina, State Social-Humanitarian University (Russian Federation)


Our research shows that the ideal means of integrating IT and mathematics in science teaching is a desktop publishing system LaTeX. It is best known as a system of computer typesetting and is popular among scientists because of its possibility to produce of complex scientific texts (mathematical, physical, technical, chemical and even musical) of the highest quality. But ideal means of integrating IT and mathematics it is due to its numerous extensions appeared in the last 15–20 years.

One of such extensions is a package TikZ and its extension tkz-euclid. Features of these packages are described in detail by their authors Till Tantau and Allan Mattes. From these descriptions we know that the packages allow to produce and describe plane drawings in the TeX notation in much the same way as in the ordinary course of geometry: tkzDrawPoint (take a point), tkzLabelPoint (denote it), tkzDrawLine (draw the line), and so on.

Recently, we found that the package tkz-euclid permits comfortably and quite naturally produce not only plane, but also solid drawings of school type. To these findings will be devoted our full paper.


[1] CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network)
[2] Tantau, T. “TikZ \& PGF: Manual”,, 2011.
[3] Matthes, A. “tkz-euclide 1-16c”,, 2013.

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